We design customized product or the electronic system from the specifications of our customer.


We are able to support our customers from the prototype to the production.


We are supplier of turnkey innovative technological IP adapted to the needs of our customers as:  


 Radiocommunications systems

  • NFC
  • GSM
  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth
  • ISM band Module radio 433MHz, 868MHz

Electronic boards

  • Operating system embarked real time
  • Boards with microcontrollers, generic FPGA and DSP
  • Human-machine interface
  • Measurements of various physical sizes 
  • Power supplies

We develop the Hardware and the Software needed for the implementation of our customers\\\' application.


To achieve your developments, we have the following resources:


Hardware development

  • Electrical CAD tools (Altium Design Release 10) 
  • Circuit conception with the assistance of electric simulation tools as SPICE and ADS 2012
  • Electromagnetic simulations of the layout of designed boards (ADS MOMENTUM 2012 and HFSS 14.0)

  • Antenna conception with last generation of electromagnetic 3D simulators (HFSS 14.0)

  • Measurements equipment (DC, AC, Numéric, and RF until 26GHz)

  • Faraday cage and anechoic


Software development

  • Language C, C#, Asm, VHDL, LabView, LabWindows, VBA, Matlab-Simulink

  • Emulator and development boards for microcontrollers, DSP and FPGA 


Mechanical development

  • Mechanical CAD tools (Solid Edge ST5)
  • Design of plastic and Aluminium packaging protoypes adapted to the shapes of the electronic board
E.D.E. Labs