E.D.E. Labs

E.D.E Labs is an electronics design office, founded in 2010, having an expertise in the radio-frequency domain.

We design and manufacture customized electronic systems.


E.D.E Labs is able to design your product from your requirements, up to industrialization and manufacturing, but it may also just help you performing specifics steps in a project realization (such as design, caracterization ...).


For your manufacturing, E.D.E Labs own a production site able to manufacture middle to high volumes of electronic boards.


We provide an electronic R&D service (design and production of electronic boards, embedded software development , antenna design, test bench creation), and, additionnaly, a measurement service inside our caracterization laboratory for electronics components and systems.

E.D.E. Labs
E.D.E. Labs


We are suppliers of turnkey innovative technological IP adapted to the needs of our customers.


The activities of our customers are varied :

  • Company needing to realize a prototype
  • Manufacturers of products
  • Manufacturers of machine tools
  • Manufacturers of semiconductors
  • Industrials in various business sectors (electric, transport, medical, telecom,...)
  • Research laboratories